New Year, Old Metaphor


Let me be brief this time. I’ve been seeing a general air of pessimism in the News Feeds all over social media, especially those that concern reviews of 2016 and anticipations of 2017. Indeed, 2016 has been a mixed bag. There were good events, especially on personal levels, and also the year was full of shock and surprise, of “oh sh*t, this isn’t happening” moments, and subsequent despair and gloom for many. Others have had their own measures of success and prosperity, and still others came out of 2016 with literal battle scars, and face the prospect of 2017 being lived in hardship . I won’t wallow in the events themselves as they’re well-covered elsewhere. Instead, let me just leave this reminder I got while in Talicud Island some years back of how despite all the troubles and problems we may be facing, we somehow always find the light, the break in the clouds where hope starts to shine through. May we all have the strength, the resolve, the kindness, the compassion, and the enlightenment as we stand at the gates of 2017.


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